Saturday, October 13, 2007

Futuristic and Fairytale Collide

Its good to be back...again. Thanks readers for all your awesome comments, they mean so much! Alright now for an update, last week was my birthday (Friday) followed by a wicked awesome party (Saturday). It was practically perfect! I had two rooms reserved next to these Asian Gardens, subway and mexican food for my friends and family, and a fab audio system to play mixed CDs I had someone do for me. The theme was Marie Antoinette inspired. I had my friends wear bright colored dresses/ outfits, colorful balloons at my party, and it was next to a Garden, which at some point is where my friends and I went leaving my party (for like 5 minutes). Haaaaah... it was so fun! I will forever remember it!
Anyway, here's my post. Hope you like, I try to be as creative as I can i my posts. In this postfuturistic-techno and fairytale are mushed together in aspects of fashion,music, and film.

Pretty Woman....basically your modern-day fairytale don't you think? I saw the PG version of it on television the other night and loved it! Classic! And these ensembles are tres elegante and classy.
Nina Ricci Ad
credit goes to:

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior: "A New Cinderella is born."

It seemed that for Fall 2007, there was this fairytale trend. I don't just mean, which does happen to fall under that description. But if you look at Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, Rodarte, etc. Even for Spring 2008 John Galliano's dresses are fairytale-esque. If you're not quite sure let me give you a picture of what I think the "fairytale" trend is. To me its flowy, etheral dresses, that kind of open up or are eye popping when a person walks. Like the furth pic down for example, that dress opens up beautifully on the runway! Also, when I think fairytale I think of a princess in well a fairytale, one who sometimes tends to be the damsel in distress. Which is why I added the picture above. She looks like she'd be saying "I'm ready to be saved." Music that I think goes along with this trend is Emmy Rossum's "Slow Down" , she sings:
"save me
somebody take my hand and lead me
slow me down
don't let love pass me by
just show me how
cause I'm ready to fall".

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Emmy's video of "Slow Down" even has her in a coouple of flowy dresses. You should see the video, and not just for the pretty dresses, Emmy has a really nice voice. You can see it on:

This movie looks interesting, original, and A-mazing! I mean the guys behind this movie are the guys that did Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, etc. You should definitely see the trailer on . When I saw this robot I couldn't help but npotice how cute he was. I mean really how can you resist a robot with those sad puppy-dog eyes?

Elie Saab Fall 2007 couture

Oh yes! Dolce and Gabbana! These looks are from Fall 2007. The metallic sheen, the materials, and construction of the dresses scream futuristic! I could imagine this collection with Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight". The video has a techno edge and people that dance with robotic moves. If you want to see it its on

In closing I fell upon ELLE magazine's new blog. Which happens to be mind-blowing! Its on As if the magazine itself wasn't great enough ELLE now has a great blog to match. I love it so much I took a picture from it (the credit still goes to ELLE of course).I don't see celebrities wear this color very much (on the dress Mrs. Victoria Beckham), but I tuly love it. So simple yet so vibrant!

Well readers thats all for now. Next week I'll reveal which character's style from Gossip Girl I am head over heels for, pictures that you probably have never seen of designers, their clothes, and models/celebs (Twiggy, Christy Turlington,etc.). 'Til then hope this post has been satisfying and thanks for passing by!