Thursday, June 19, 2008


The posts are now going through a makeover. I will do my best to provide great pictures, but I decided that now I'll be a little more consistent with my posts, while throwing in surprises here and there. There is now going to be weekly resort picks, followed by a weekly item pick, and a song pick to put you into the right mood!

Summer is finally here, now I can embrace it.
(Especially since school's out and finals are over)

This photo shoot is reminiscent of Adam Brody's photoshoot in Ellegirl magazine back in 2006. Which is why I adore the shots taken in the air. But what attracted me most were the picks in menswear. I am not one for paying attention to menswear, but I may have seen the LIGHT. Haha.
Look, as Shia leads the way!
If anything, the apparel was classic with and edge. Not to mention very cool. Although some of the picks tone down the high fashion aspect, like the converse for example, the looks all present a sophistication...
This is the actor at the event, looking clean-cut and composed

The looks below are my Top 2 picks for Resort 2009

I can summarize this look in one word: MODERNZiyi Zhang is this week's pick for best dresses Resort attendee.
This is her attending the Dior Resort collection.
Item of the week: Paul & Joe gladiator shoe
These truly are one of a kind...

Song Pick of the week: U.R.A. FEVER by THE KILLS

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Digging deep into the Style Files

Style File:Naomie Harris
Who you might ask? Well let me give u a brief intro on her
She starred in the second and third pirates of the caribbean (Tia Dalma)
Take away that rugged appearance she's got going on and underneath you find a beauty
A young thirty-something
Flawless complexion
Excellent fashion Taste!

Also, she and Orlando Bloom might have had a supposed "thing" last year. My sources say they went out, but we all know that the media strings along gossip, but who knows....

Its Sweet.Its Chic. Its Sweet-chic
Very poised.
BAFTA Awards in 2007
This is she at the ELLE style awards in 2007

Star to star sighting
Naomie shows grace in this ensemble giving a very elegant greeting to fellow star Keira Knightley.

Hope you enjoyed this Style File post.
Oh and I have a new header, any thoughts fellow bloggers?