Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Pick-me up Post

Alright, let's face it, not everyday is a bucket of sunshine and rainbows. It's not always the perfect day...there will be room for sad times. And that's just a fact. But what if you had a way to turn it around? What if you had an online guide to give yourself an instant boost of? Well this is it...the pick-me up post!
WARNING: This pick-me up post has a 50/50 percent change of success. It will either help you feel better or not. Though I have complete confidence that you will find at least one thing to give you a little happiness. This is the WEEKLY BLOGETTE's attempt to spread a little happiness in the form of a post:
Listen to this:
OK GO "Here it goes again"
Madonna "Music"
Blink 182 "All the small things"
These songs should get you up, moving, and having fun in no time!
Mission: Survive the Bop It Extreme. Goal: Have hours of endless fun. Enough said.

If you're bummed but still have some energy left, you could always put yourself to good use. Boxing can really work when you're upset about something...just let those emotions OUT! Or if you're striving for something that lasts longer take up a class! Think boxing, dance, even the gym! I read something about exercise and how it really can make you feel happy. I think it has to do with realeasing endorphins. And how can you not be happy with exercise, you'll be pushing your limits while making yourself look even better! A second option is baking, and not just for can bake for other people too? It will definitely give them something to smile about, which in turn will help you feel better about yourself.

I usually do not come across a book that can make me laugh. A book that can have humor that sticks with me. But I did come across a couple. The first is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which I think is in some ways pretty sensational. I love how Huck is on this whole journey of self-discovery while pulling off some pretty crazy shenanigans along the way. (One of those shenanigans includes dressing up as a girl and failing miserably). The second book is one that I looked into...and it seems like a really good read. And yeah it really is a survival guide for fighting against zombies. Useful?No. Entertaining?Oh yes! Catching up on reruns of your favorite show. Fresh Prince is a favorite of mine...I just love the moments Will and Carlton have classic! Oh and remember theses words: "Its not unusual to be loved by anyone.Its not unusual to have fun with anyone." Baradadaaaaaaaaaa!

Magazines are my greatest fad and weakness. But depending on the magazine, you can find brilliantly written articles, wonderful fashion editorials, and so on. This is the cover of British Vogue Magazine by the way...and it fits very well with the post because it offers a "fashion pick-me up"! Then there's Men's vogue on top, I read a bit of the article on Will Smith. I have yet to finish but I'm definitely intrigued!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Let’s lay down the law on this post and this blog. (And I’m sorry that the new post has been much delayed). Anyway, I just wanted to say that the topics I cover and whatever it is that I talk about on this blog are things that I am passionate about. The Weekly Blogette is based on my thoughts, my feelings…my perspective.

The perfect title for my post especially because lately my English class demands a student to look deeper into his or her thoughts and write down brilliant things on paper. (Still trying to master the “brilliant”part). I currently have to write about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and give my opinion of it...but enough of that, let's get to the post shall we?

Feathers...a trend that is not overused. Which makes me like it all the more. It has transcended from Fall 2007 (the first three pics) to Spring 2008 (the last three pics). If you look carefully this trend is sprinkled ever so carefully in particular collections like Fall 2007 Nina Ricci and Spring 2008 Roberto Cavalli. I think that feathers can be difficult to incorporate in a collection, you cannot add to much or else the outfit can appear as a costume. Put just enough, and you add some allure and elegance to the outfit. Also the appearance of feathers are soft and rather graceful...what I love about them is that they can put so much meaning into a garment. Delicacy, that is the meaning.
Brief fashion comment/rec.: Autumn/winter 2007-08 Paul and Joe: voluminous and innovative with bright eye popping colors. It’s grown up but not old…the construction is clean . If you do not know already the construction of a garment fascinates me which is why I love the atumn/winter collection. Actually, just check out it always has good music - the way the whole site is set up is great and animated. The song selction gives a smooth transition from the pictures to their clothes on the website.

Random pick: Something that everyone has to try...the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino.

I think that if there is one item that every girl should have it would be a charm bracelet. Or at least a bracelet with intersting little trinkets dangling on it.

Hmmm...Travis. (That's the name of the band.) Who I have discovered recently, which is rather sad since this band has been around for a while. I definitely definitely recommend their music! And if you want an idea on their "sound" Travis is reminiscent of Keane (another band). So, if you do have the time, you should look into this band, my favorite song by Travis is "closer", oh and "selfish jean" also deserves an honorable mention.

"Lars and the real girl" was an interesting movie-watching experience. This movie has two sides, and you can either see one or both of those sides. On the one side, this movie would basically be the life and death of a lovedoll. On the other side, it would be the story and healing of a man who has suffered emotionally and has kept those feelings inside of him. That person happens to be Lars, who has dealt with the death of both his mother and father-becoming an introverted individual. But that changes when he brings in "Bianca" the lovedoll, into the lives of his brother and sister-in-law. Lars begins to express himself through Bianca, and with the help of a doctor, starts to let go of his anguish. What really amazed me was that the town that Lars lives in is filled with people who do nothing but support him. Their support allows him to be ultimately healed.
I AM LEGEND: movie comment....

I just saw this movie today so I'll give my opinion of it while its fresh in my mind. I thought that Will Smith acted brilliantly, as usual. Intense emotions were delivered, especially in the flashbacks Will's character had of his wife and daughter during the city's evacuation. I also found the movie relatable to the world today. At one point, Will's character says "God didn't do this...we did". So, digest that for a second...what do you think of? My thoughts are global warming, war/destruction, etc. Things that we as human beings are responsible for, I'm not saying that you are at fault specifically. I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not perfect in protecting the environment or anything like that. I just think that things that happen in our world do not happen on their own, without us doing anything. So all in all this movie was good and very interesting.

(A good read that has a similar theme to I AM LEGEND would be: the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.)
Well that's all for now, I have yet to post the featurette on designer photos and a very famous Twiggy...which will hopefully be soon. And I will be publishing weekly now that I am on break from school. So, if you are craving for more drop by the Weekly Blogette on Thursday to fill up your fashion appetite, bye for now!