Tuesday, May 20, 2008


If there is anything I have learned lately it would be to embrace NATURE. Nature for one thing can be found outside, and it is beyond our control. Especially when it comes to the weather, here in CA it will be blazing hot and a beautiful day, then cold and overcast the next. As tiresome as this has become, I'm learning to go with the flow. Enjoy the day no matter what. Nature is also found in people it's called human nature. I have found that there are people who are prone to change for the better while others manage to remain the same. This can either serve for good or bad. Either way if you spend most of your time trying to change someone for the better and find that you're not successful, that person is best left alone. Then there is the nature of the media, which will try to change us. The media will always try to force certain thoughts on us, even though they may not always be right. It has always tried to give an image of what we should be rather than embrace who we already are. The media will ALWAYS be like this. So what are we left do? Simply embrace the situation. By this I do not mean follow something when it is wrong, but stay true to yourself when you know you are right. If everyone was able to do this maybe just maybe we could change all this. So learn to "SHINE" and stay true!
*By the way you should click one of the videos under "SHINE" on the right side of my blog. This song/video by Anna Nalick goes along with this post.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer Wardrobe

Shell necklaces and/or jewelery give off a beach vibe. Something you definitely want this summer.
Shades are always necessary, I mean did I even have to put that into words? It should be the UNWRITTEN RULE. Whether you like Raybans or not because they are popular...these are all in all a great pair of shades. Especially in comparison to the white ones.
Florals are remaining a strong trend!

Another tip for building up your summer wardrobe: BRING OUT THE PRINTS!

If anyone can do prints...DIANE VON FURSTENBERG SURE CAN!

Could headscarves make a comeback this summer?

Well if you decide to don the headscarf this summer, you can always take a cue or inspiration from NICOLE RICHIE.

Here's an inspirational photo taken by ELLE. Makes me want to dress all underwater tropicana!

Well that is all for now, I will keep my posts more consistent honest! Look out for my new post next Tuesday...