Monday, May 28, 2007


Models...they're the ones exposed to fashion the most. Many of them have great personal style and are quite composed. There are some however may not be as composed and take that fine line of risk in make-up or style. In the first pic Agyness Deyn is feautured-she's in stripes a lether hoodie jacket, frayed shorts, and lace leggings/tights so to speak. I think the shorts and lace tights are quite a risk, its in between cutting edge and almost goes into the norm usual outfit. Second is Iekeliene Stange who has her very own style. You can tell she likes to mix it up a bit. I like her look because it reminds me of the whole harajuku style. But question those glasses...WOULD YOU CONSIDER THESE ANOTHER VERSION OF HOW TO FLAUNT GLASSES?IS THIS A WEARABLE TREND? I think as a model she can pull it off, I doubt however if I could. And I can't imagine a normal person walking down the street in that outfit. So like I said models are the risk takers, its definitely something to admire, seeing as how some of us who aren't models, are afraid to take that risk. Lastly, there's Kate Moss, I'm not saying this is her usual makeup style, obviously it was done for her for the photo. But I chose this because I think it can be a bit controversial...the makeup is way dramatic and it would very much catch my eye if I saw this makeup on someone at school. Yet, you have to notice that if any more shadow was added to those eyes, she would have raccoon eyes...which would be not so fashionably dramatic just too DRAMATIC. So, my point is that if models can do this whether its their job or their own style, why can't we? We have nothing to lose by experimenting. Sure we may not always pull it off, but somebody's got to try it out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This post's title sounds like a story but I assure you it is not boring read. These 3 looks represent what will be key this coming Fall. We have the jumper which is by Jenni Kayne, a vest (designer not sure, but you should know that menswear is influential to Fall style), and Marc by Marc Jacobs look.I love the layers, leggings, knit sweater, the thick socks, and lace-up boots. I give the look an A+ because it looks effortless but very fashion forward. (Not that I have a license to judge a look, but hey this is a BLOG, right?)

I adore the aroma of the Vera Wang Princess Perfume.But what gets me really excited about buying this is that you can use the cap as a ring.SWEEEEET!

Makeup, perfume of the month, and 3 key pieces for Fall 2007. These girlfriend are what you call THE WORKS!!A lot of makeup I've been seeing involves the read paut, the smokey eye, and wing-tipped color liner. For the red paut I recommend Neutrogena Moistureshine, the version of course. And just so you know the red paut looks better for those with fair/light skin. And Neutrogena moistureshine has lipstick, lipgloss, and lipbalm. Say goodbye to chapped lips ladies. Now you get the total package. I have this and it lasts pretty well and tingles once you apply it. Its my new love in makeup. As for the smoky eye, a black eyeshadow is good (Revlon:bedroom eyes). But beware how much you don't want to look like a raccoon. Make sure you put just enough shadow on the bottom of your eye but no more than the top.As, for wing-tipped liner, you should really use a bright/dark color depending on your eyes. For brown-eyed chickies use purple or blue, for you people with blue or green eyes, use a brighter color like pink/light blue. Oh and I musn't forget the metallic whatever works best on you.

Monday, May 7, 2007

OOOH! Its up and coming chic

If you don't already know this is Zooey Deschanel, she is an actress and has a great sense of style. Her fashion choices are mature yet modern. You can see her in a short film tomorrow night on the Sundance channel at 8:30 pm. The movie is called "Raving";based on the meeting of two people, the encounter of a dress, and the memories it carries.Don't miss out!

Friday, May 4, 2007

A Heroine and Hilarious Duo to our eyes...


Here, we have Amanda. The stylish receptionist at MODE magazine (just so you know "mode" means fashion in french). Amanda is always in on the know-how and when it happens. She is one my favorite characters and is one of two people that I call the duo.

The other half of the hilarious duo...Mark! I absolutely love his character on the show. He has a way of being harsh, but in a very amusing way.

(The best for last...)Betty Suarez sets the stage as "Ugly Betty". Who on the contrary, has a vibrant spirit and shows that there is certainly another kind of beautiful in the world.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I've found some shoes which I hope you all enjoy! Umm...these shoes go along with the trends for spring/summer of 2007. You've got the whole "futurism" theme with the silver high-top converse and the vans shoe with hearts for the "romantic". And the other two are just shoes I really liked. The high-top converse with a turquoise print is my favorite, just because it has such an intricate design. Also, the last shoe to me is quite girly it falls under "jada", and you can find it on