Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whoa there!

Everything is quiet, you here crickets, you are astounded by the silence. Cars make a "rrrrrrr" sound as they all come to sudden stop. Gasp. What could it be? Me winning the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD that's what it is. And everything I just described to you now basically sums up how I feel. I am wayyyyyy surprised! And I would definitely like to thank Diana from sofashon.com. for passing this on to me! But besides receiving this with much appreciation, I need to pass this on to 5 others....
"If you get tagged you have to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and then you have to put a link to
THIS post so people can find out where it all started. Finally, just in case you want (optional), you can display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote in one of your sidebars."
1.Plain Jayne

2. J'adore vogue

3. I am fashion

4. Satin-Pump

5. That's Chic

I also have to answer some questions on the history of the Weekly Blogette sure here it goes:
1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?
Well this blog was once called THOUGHTS OF A FASHIONISTA. But I wanted something original and well just different. So it donned on me...The Weekly Blogette! Short story I know but its pretty much as simple as that.
2. Why did you started blogging in the first place?
I was inspired by iamfashion.blogspot.com. I had come across I AM FASHION a couple years ago and was just amazed by what you could do with a blog. So I decided to create a blog I could call my own in hopes of it being a great one. I just loved the thought of saying whatever and voicing my thoughts. I find myself even now, inspired by other blogs.
3.What has been your best blogging experience? What about the worst?
I have a post called CLASH, where I named a trend of my own. I called it clash of the cultures since to me it was a trend and it had no name. It was just so much fun putting it all together. It was my way of finding all these collections and pulling them together by this one trend. It was like my epiphany or something.
Hmmm...my worst. I don't think I have one.
4.What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?
Only time can tell.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The trip you never took

So why are there pics of all these places? Keep reading...

You know those expressions like "the son I never had" or I guess "you're like the friend I never had"? Well this one derives from those, and is one I made up entirely on my own. Its "the trip I never took". So, besides Mexico, and a couple other states other than California, I haven't travelled too far from home. But who says I can't plan these things? Anyway, these are some tips, places, and things I've come up with. Hopefully they will help you brainstorm on your plans to the trip you never took but might someday.
-a structured bag for a night out
-camera, namely digital, having to buy film constantly was so 2007. (I say this because I got a digital camera for Christmas and it much less hassle then my OTHER camera).
-when life gives you downtime make some awesome sketches!
-make sure you rest the day you get to your destination. That way you can hit the sites the next day!
-let yourself be inspired!

Technology is a beautiful thing, this mug talks it goes something like "mmmmm ahhhhhh....liquid heaven". Who wouldnt want to bring this along?

I have a feeling that if that the places I want to go to are well...cold. And I think I would like to go to someplace foreign in the wintertime. So it would be important to keep the gloves and scarf handy.

I'd just figure that depending on the person, if you had downtime on your trip, you'd probably a)sleep or b)fill up the time. So, for the more literary type I'd suggest a journal, and fro the more artistic type like myself, I'd suggest a huge sketchbook. Plus some expert drawing pencils. For more journals you can look at bn.com. And for inexpensive art supplies check out rexart.com.
I found this on amazon.com, and judging by the description of it, this looks like a good quick read. It's supposed to be memoirs of Marc Jacobs and whatnot...and well lets face it MJ is a total genius! I'd be thrilled to read this, plus I am way excited to see his documentary that's coming in February on the sundance channel.