Friday, November 9, 2007


Alright so I have had a great day! Ready to dig into my 3 day weekend and this new post. Its definitely ABOUT TIME, I know I know. So I'm gonna deliver! Ready, set, read!
Okay so I'm kicking this off with an amazing story, because well its so unbelievable. Its about a girl and a whats so special right? Well this guy saw a girl on a subway, didn't talk to her but wanted to. When she left the subway, her image remained in his mind. So what does he do? Regret?Forget? No, he makes a website with the single goal of finding this girl-did I mention that this was in New York recently? And how many people are in New York. Well, to make a long story short he finds her. I am just in complete awe of this story. So I suggest you check it out for yourself. The story but most importantly the clip on how it all happened. Here's the link: (and on the left upper side you'll see the link to watch the clip).

Remember I said I'd reveal what GG or Gossip Girl's style I love? Well its Blair's. Her style is versatile and very proper at times so to speak. I don't watch the show (just the first episode) but judging by these pictures, Blair seems like someone who can happy one moment then lonely the next. Maybe even someone who wants to devour you in her wrath. Either way her style is something to be admired. It can be professional, chic, or schoolgirl with her own unique touch.

Did you love that picture that was ever so reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffanys? Hope you did!

I love this picture from "Enchanted", for some reason I think it might even represent something universal. Here's a princess or girl from another world going into a world she doesn't know about. Don't you ever feel out of place? Afraid to arise to the occassion. Scared to face a new situation. Have any experiences to relate to this, talk to me!Share! Anyway thats all for now gotta go do a little housework and whatnot see ya.