Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Open your mind

Its time to promote peace! You remember hearing about the 70s? You know like all out flashy glitz and glam style, bell bottoms, crazy colors/prints, wide leg trousers, the works?! A time where the war was unpopular, and hippies would try to promote peace by protests and whatnot. Well...maybe its time some peace be promoted now. With all kinds of wars going on in the world (race, ethnicity, greed, power,etc.) we cannot chose to give a blind eye. In other words its time to learn a little more about what's going on. One major thing, more like ISSUE, is the genocide in Darfur. Its a battle of ethnicities and of oil and the government...its pretty bad. Children are being left parentless, there's starvation, etc. Before I continue on I'm going to be honest and say that I am no current-day hippie, off spreading the word to everyone I know and making big donations. But I know its important to know about what's going on in the world. And that is a great starter point for everybody, GETTING THE KNOWLEDGE!! Once you know you can then ACT. Poverty is also a big issue around the globe. Did you know that just by taking a few minutes to go online and give your "signature" to a letter to the government you can make a difference? Countries will be given financial aid so its citizens don't have to suffer. One.org is an organization that does this. And you don't have to pay to be a member, all they want is your pledge to help out those in need. You can also checkout savedarfur.org, its very informative about whats going on in Sudan. My main point though is that we should all just try and do what we can. I too will put forth a better effort into doing what I CAN in getting educated and helping those who need help. I think that it truly is up to all of us to do our part.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh you Pretty things

I have been tagged by Jennifer from the Mahal of Fashion blog.
"Game Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog."
1) I dream of being a fashion designer
2) Like "boxing" out my emotions every once and a while. Red gloves and all.
3) Jack Black is like my comedy-hero
4) My goal this summer: go paintballing!
5) If I'm listening to a song I tend to dance. What can I say. Yes that does include inside the car. A lot. Hey I didn't say I could breakdance in such a small space.
6) I have a slight fascination with hair. Curly, or buzzed (feels fuzzy), etc.
7) My favorite destination in CA: Solvang. Its really cute, it seems like this little lost Dutch village. (Considering the urban environment most of us live in.)

The sundress is your must-have for summer. It great because there is such a variety out there. Check out Nordstroms!My fav: the flowy white dress.

Zac Posen is my kinda designer. I really look up to him. His taste is like divine. He knows what a girl would wear and is a fashion genius. To top it off he's a youngin'! Which is makes him a triple threat to anyone-I mean come on that young with all the experience in the world?! I am left in awe. The 2 pics below the designer himself are from his Fall 2007 collection. I definitely get a romantic vibe from it. Especially with the first pic. The following pic shows how exquisite the construction is on his dresses. Like I said I'm in awe. Jaw dropping. Ohmigosh. Oh and that bag not by Zac. Random I know. It was just a quick find I picked up. Designer: Pierre Hardy. The bag is simple but it definitely gives a statement. What is it saying to you?

FYI: SHADES are the biggest accessory this season, basically next to the oversized leather bag you know you've been eyeing. My top 3 sunglasses: starting from the first. I actually own those red shades. Which happen to fit my now choppy haircut. Its very 80s. And I am no big fan of the 80s. Thats how much I love those shades.The 3rd shades down remind me of Ray-Bans. So I guess you could say its a ray-ban look a likes. Just one that is at a more reasonable price range. And the fifth pair is well edgy/classic take your pick. Aviators...I think those fit a heart-shaped face or one that is square. Which is why I DON'T own aviators. I am an oval faced chickie...sigh...no biggie.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Best Day Ever

For a Monday, today was not too shabby. If anything it was a really great day! And I think after experiencing one I have 3 ingredients to making a great day:
1) Get a completely new hairstyle/haircut over the weekend to freak your friends out later. If showing off that new do isn't the best part seeing your friends reaction will be. (I got my hair cut really short over the weekend. Being the end of the year and all and not anyone's expectations people were shocked. Yea they thought it was cute but they were sooooo funny. One of my friends who will remain nameless.hehehe, literally stopped in her tracks. I couln't help but smile.)
2) Wear a brightly colored sundress. Show off your femininity, (modestly though) being the end of the school year you can push aside any doubt of that dress you were dying to wear!
3) Carry a happy tune in your head to stay in a good mood. Make sure you pick a song you won't regret getting put into your head. I suggest "Umbrella" by Rihanna, "New Shoes" Paolo Nutini, or "I'll look after you" by The Fray.
Well there you have it...a recipe for a great day souffle! Don't take the delightful servings sparingly take it all in. Enjoy!

These are photos taken in two different fashion spreads. I have discovered a model named Lara Stone. And I have to say I really love how she poses. Just like a writer who hits their point on paper, Lara hits her expression on camera. In the first 4 photos, you witness 70s fashion, love the chunky ring in that last pic.And in the very very last pic (where she's holding pearls) Lara supports the expression "If looks could kill..."

If it isn't Emmy Rossum's hair or the sweet smile she gives you definitely gotta love the actress for her style. Not only that but notice that whatever she wears Emmy has fun and go with it. She totally works the dress. I think that kind of parallels to every designer's dream, not just to see a beautiful starlet/star wearing their piece, but flaunting it! I think out of all 5 looks I love the first. Emmy is having the most fun in that one and the versatility is amazing, the dress is gorgeous from the trim to the lace!

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Ultimate Face-off


I decided to throw some pop art in..I though it was 80s appropriate, anyway onto fashion....The 80s era of glitz and glam and plaid,etc. We remember converse and heavy makeup. And it has transversed into Fall 2007 known as punk. I just happen to love it! Skinny pants rock my world, dramatic makeup from time to time (smokey eye, stained berry lips,etc.), and a bit of grunge....It all coincides with punk. But who says glitz and glam has to be punk?! It could also be what I call THE SOPHISTICATE. Sequins, sparkles, clean lines, the impecability of it all. Metallic heels and cute leather bags...sigh. Though I have a love for punk, I am a sophisticate...it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin kind of thing I guess. If you dress punk you don't have to feel like a rebel but you most likely are. It could be breaking the boundaries of fashion, standing up for causes, not wnting to do homework(just kidding). Either way the sophisticate is my chosen style, because for me materials in sophisticate style cause an outfit to flow or give off a confident energy. It can be clean and simple and it feels much more luxurious. Well that me...WHATS YOUR STYLE?

Black shades are always a classic. Aviator shaped frames are sleek, as long as the frame isn't too chunky. I fit it's too heavy, the frame will make the shades look like we've retrogressed back to those bad 80s shaped glasses people had to wear. (You know like back in the day,hehehe). At the top, there is a Marc Jacobs model wearing glasses..who said shades can't have an intellectual side? I love the shades worn by Iekeliene Stange, the're edgy because they have a frame with neat prints...LOVE IT!