Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello hello readers!I missed this blog, my post was a bit delayed but I posted right? Well get ready for this jam packed post. You just might love it! So sit back relax and enjoy the post.
Personal update:my b-day is in less than 2 weeks. It has really hit hit me yet, but I'm slowly getting more and more excited.
Suggested music and video of the week.....Go to Youtube and look up "For the Benefit of Mr.Kite", it is hilarious and oh so cool! Also, a must buy is the Across the Universe soundtrack music from the motion picture. These are Beatles songs sung in fresh new voices. You can check out http://www.interscope.com/artist/player/default.aspx/mid/712/aid/570 to listen to the music. But if you want to buy this music purchase the deluxe, not the regular soundtrack with 16 songs. It is truly a heart felt and rockin' soundtrack.

Fashion updates!You're thrilled right! Well, the October Issue of ELLE is honored by having Reese Witherspoon as the cover girl. She looks beautiful btw, really!What amazing face structure and eyes, she is an American beauty. Not to mention a talented award winning actress. Her kids and family must be so proud. I am so satisified...no ecstatic that ELLE had someone on the cover who was just a pretty face but a role model. So thats that! (Oh the photoshoot is nice too.) In later news, ahem, small structured bags are deemed "in" style thanks to Marc Jacobs. He is a designer who I truly admire, I thought his story as a designer was fascinating. And as a matter of fact there's a great little article at this site:http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/bal-al.eye09sep09,0,3105559.story . It is well written-I was glued to this article so please read it. I also thought you readers should know that http://www.apc.fr/us/en/index.php is a really wonderful site to look at for GUYS AND GIRLS. The clothing is rather pricey, but the pictures of the outfits and everything is just presented so well. So when looking for a whole look (styling, color combinations,etc.) go to thst site!

I know there are some disappointed fashionistas out there. Olympus Fashion Week did not deliver as to everyone’s expectations including myself. (Except for Marc Jacobs, I mean when does he not?) Not to mention FASHION ROCKS, which was a dud, where was the fashion by the way? A little mention here and there, sure there were some well dressed celebs and designer appearances, but come on! FASHION ROCKS was made into a musical event-horrible shock compared to the one from one or two years ago. Either way there were some designers who impressed in NY fashion week. Badgley Mischka showed various looks ranging from smart, clever, edgy and feminine. No it was not the perfect collection, but it did serve as a good one. Here is my favorite design out of the whole collection, and it happens to be a swimsuit.

Bill Blass…rephrase that the GREAT Bill Blass! His line oozes confidence-honestly, I instantly woke up when I saw this collection. Even the simplest of dresses were impeccable and had attitude! If you look at this collection it’s basically just dresses, but I truly think that that kind of focus is what made his line so inspiring.Wondering why I have no favorite….well the whole collection blew me away! I have no favorite. You will have to check it out yourself.

Here's a little Luella thrown into the mix. Her aesthetic is always youthful! It definitely supports GEEK CHIC.But I prefer calling it smart and chic.
In the words of Kayne from Project Runway Season3 :”gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous”…or at least I think it was hmm…huh….anywho!It was modern it was beautiful-I’m surprised that LELA ROSE doesn’t get enough praise! There was even a little sporty flair in some of the clothes, which were brilliantly designed. By far my favorite collection.
Nicole Millers’s collection was crisp, clean-cut, and well put together. The prints on their own were amazing! I personally was not a fan of the hats-the dent down the middle bugged me. Yet all in all this was quite an impressive collection.

Jenni Kayne…I truly think she doesn’t fail to impress. Her collection was to the point and absolutely adorable. Oh and guess what Danielle from America’s Next Top Model was one of the models! I really admired the shades and fabrics incorporated in this collection.

Here are the top 5 Fall Picks. First is an Uggs bag-who doesn't love Uggs? Uggs has certainly broadenes its horizons with more shoes and bags and such. Second is the pencil skirt. If there's anything I've learned from WHAT NOT TO WEAR, is that every woman could use a well fitting skirt.Better yet a pencil skirt! Which means I will have to purchase one one of these days. Third is Uggs...again. I promise I'm not obsessed, I just thought I'd share my findings. I believe its leather, a milk-chocolate if you will...with a wooden heel. Next is a Peter Som dress I spotted on ELLE.com. I would probably layer with this dress. My idea of the total look:the dress,skinny jeans, a tee under the dress, my hair with the little poof in the front (my bangs pinned back), a purple ankle boot, and pearl stud earrings. Last is Sunsilk, I just started using it and I've never felt my hair softer. Its right up there with John Frieda (Brilliant Brunette smells divine!).

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaack

Okay I haven't blogged for a while not sure if many people noticed but yeah. Its like Alison from bombazinedoll.blogspot.com said, this blog felt more like a job than well a blog. So with school homework to finish, I wasn't too hesitant to leave it alone for a while. Aside from that I like to give a special thanks to Alison aka Bombazine Doll, who from the beginning of me making this blog was always stopping by. She was also very nice and helpful when I asked about making a header on my blog. I also like to thank Jennifer from Mahalo Fashion who left a comment saying "blog girl"! Lastly I want to thank Emma from the "If you can't say anything nice come sit her by me" blog, she has always left such comments-hers I appreciate a lot! And well all you other readers I appreciate too...I'm not going to name each one, but you know who you are. Now for the post!

Okay, so I have myself a little new school year resolution. I'm going to not be so all over the gaff, that way I won't stress as much. The first day of school was Thursday, and from that time since I have no complaints. Only one: the chips from the cafeteria are not so great anymore. They used to be so good too.I mean their not goppin' or anything but they're definitely not great. Now I ask you this are you an ickle bit confused mate? Well you should be-I just used some brit. slang. I love english accents, so I decided to investigate how the british talk (what their slang is).
Here's some words that are way brilliant!
all over the gaff=unorganized
chips=french fries
mate=used to address a friend
all this is courtesy of http://mtmt.essortment.com/britishslangw_rcnt.htm, and you can check it out to look at more words!

Now here's someone with an accent...an actress who is the REAL DEAL.Keira Knightley who stars in "Atonement"-and I am head over heels for the costumes and music. I have to say the soundtrack just blows my mind-its so moving! As for the costumes...I think the tailoring is rather brilliant (although the pics I provided don't really show it as much as I'd like). The pics do show color though! Keira's character has quite an inspiring wardrobe. What do you guys think?