Monday, April 14, 2008


Recently the weather in California has been warming up and I hope it stays that way. Why? Because I long for summer, and if you think about it, it's just around the corner.

The above items are the FIRST SIGNS of my summer wardrobe. (These are my recent purchases). Even my mind is thinking in summer style mode. Like that fedora (the first item), I can think of that hat going with a striped collared button down shirt, earthy jewelery, shorts, and brown chunky wedge heels. Anyway, that's just my inner stylist talking. I want to comment about the shades, which I happen to adore. I wore them today, and a friend of mine commented how they hide my face. In my opinion big shades are trendy and I feel like I'm bringing out my inner celebrity. (Celebs are usually photographed by paparazzi in their huge shades, are they not?) As for the sandals, they are metallic, which gives a somewhat "futurustic" flair as I have heard them described. I think a metallic accessory or flat can really allow you to shine in your ensemble.
I dream of the beach. I wish to breathe in the ocean air. The song "boys of summer" by the Ataris comes to mind. Those first few lines "Nobody on the road/Nobody on the beach/I feel it in the air/The summer's out of reach". It may not be here yet, but it will be-all these feelings point to one thing a major case of SUMMERITIS.