Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaack

Okay I haven't blogged for a while not sure if many people noticed but yeah. Its like Alison from said, this blog felt more like a job than well a blog. So with school homework to finish, I wasn't too hesitant to leave it alone for a while. Aside from that I like to give a special thanks to Alison aka Bombazine Doll, who from the beginning of me making this blog was always stopping by. She was also very nice and helpful when I asked about making a header on my blog. I also like to thank Jennifer from Mahalo Fashion who left a comment saying "blog girl"! Lastly I want to thank Emma from the "If you can't say anything nice come sit her by me" blog, she has always left such comments-hers I appreciate a lot! And well all you other readers I appreciate too...I'm not going to name each one, but you know who you are. Now for the post!

Okay, so I have myself a little new school year resolution. I'm going to not be so all over the gaff, that way I won't stress as much. The first day of school was Thursday, and from that time since I have no complaints. Only one: the chips from the cafeteria are not so great anymore. They used to be so good too.I mean their not goppin' or anything but they're definitely not great. Now I ask you this are you an ickle bit confused mate? Well you should be-I just used some brit. slang. I love english accents, so I decided to investigate how the british talk (what their slang is).
Here's some words that are way brilliant!
all over the gaff=unorganized
chips=french fries
mate=used to address a friend
all this is courtesy of, and you can check it out to look at more words!

Now here's someone with an actress who is the REAL DEAL.Keira Knightley who stars in "Atonement"-and I am head over heels for the costumes and music. I have to say the soundtrack just blows my mind-its so moving! As for the costumes...I think the tailoring is rather brilliant (although the pics I provided don't really show it as much as I'd like). The pics do show color though! Keira's character has quite an inspiring wardrobe. What do you guys think?


penelope said...

lol! i haf had a good laugh looking at the list!
didnt know half the list existed even whn i'm such a fan of brit's chic lits=p

keira looks fab!! though i'm not loving her curls... kinda age her. in a way):

anyhow; glad u're back!!

Anonymous said...
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Mash said...

love keira's pictures <3 I understand you , its difficult to manage a blog when you start school , it's like a job after all ;)

Moose on the Loose said...

I love Keira- so beautiful, w/ such lovely style.

Belle said...

I love the way the british talk, its amazing! I love the green dress keira is wearing!

Carolina Lange said...

Love the pictures, love Keira, I must see that movie!

LML said...

yay! im glad your back!
yea i wish i had a british accent too :P
and i cant wait to see atonement - ive heard its amazing and it has been recieving lots of oscar buzz

Eb said...

Are you kidding? I love the pics and the clothes. I'm a Keira Knightly fan. I do hope however, that her being that skinny was part of her role in her upcoming movie (lol).

Welcome Back!

coco said...

i need to go and see atonment
i love the green dress keira wore
and she looks stunning in the hat in your first pic

Tru said...

I really want to see that movie and I'm so glad you;re blogging again

SKYLA said...

Haha your post made me laugh :D It's funny reading all those words when you're English yourself!
but teenagers never say 'all over the gaff' unless they're real Londoners like the people on Eastenders. And I've never heard gopin', and ickle isn't really used for small, unless you're talking in baby talk! Lol just thought i'd let you know, inacse you came here and said something like 'I love that ickle Chloe bag, but the shoes are gopin' and I'm all over the gaff'. =D
Keira looks amazing in that era! Love the pictures.
If you need anymore British help, just pop by my blog,
Let's Cut To The Chase.

Alison said...

awww thanks for the mention, I'm glad I could help you out :)
and I love all of keira's looks, the era was just too gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks really inspiring, fashion wise and otherwise, can't wait to see it!!!! Kiera has never looked lovelier.

miss vintage love said...

WOW, I am in love with the vintage hair styles - gorgeous!

WendyB said...

Glad you are back.

discothequechic said...

uhhh, I hate to break it to you, but thats not really how the british talk! ha ha..

Thats just how Dick Van Dyke as the chimneysweep spoke! (though we do use chips, mate and brilliant)

if you really want to learn some brit slang google "chav" "mint" "safe" and "WAG"...

but our slang words aren't very pretty sounding!

I can't wait to see Atonement though, it's had such great reviews and the wardrobre looks amazing!

Cool Blog.

S xx

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your support! Great blog! I love Keira Knightley! =)

Jessarin said...

hey thanks for dropping by, kayla!

i have been living in london since 2003 and still haven't pick up a lot of the english accent or the slang! ;P

Keira is gorgeous.. not when she's pouting though! love her new chanel ad too. xx

In Yr Fshn said...

I love the wardrobe on this film! Great selection of screen shots... now only if I could have all those pieces...

The Stiletto Effect said...

Keira is amazing (one of my favourite fashion icons)! Love this wardrobe :)

a. said...

that green dress is amazing. j'adore!

xx a.

Jennifer said...

ha I wish I had a british accent but living in Australia my north american one is very cool to them.
Love keira in these pictures, she has such 40s glamour!
yay for you posting!

Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about it feeling like a job, I've felt like that at times but other times I get really excited to post, it comes and goes depending on whats going on in the fashion industry.

That Fashionista said...

Glad to have you back. I totally know what you mean with the blog burden. I'm getting tired of keeping up with mine ): Anyway, I'd love to switch links with you, email me or just comment back. I absolutely adore the header!

cotton candy said...

you've made me anticipate 'atonement' so much now!! i want to watch it!! =D

jungle dream pagoda said...

Theres something about that 3rd to last pic,its probably a robe,but I would wear it as a dress!

Ellen SB said...

I love Mademoiselle Knightleys new Chanel ad. She is chic and always elegant! A bit skinny though

Cris Lazoru said...

I want to see that movie! Love Keira!


Gina said...

Welcome back!! Those are beautiful photos!

Aisha said...

welcome back ;)

I love this post and the pictures =).
British accent is LOVELY! i really love it. This was such a fun post!

post soon ;)

sebastian perinotti said...

im also back! i went to brasil for my senior year trip, with all my classmates! it was awesome, but even more awesome than that is my tan:)


skim said...

one word.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Wow I am really obsessed with Britain in general righ tnow, so this post caught my eye.
I love Kiera Knightley, and thanks for posting the British slang website. It's brilliant! haha There's so many words for drunk =P

Anonymous said...

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