Monday, June 11, 2007

The Best Day Ever

For a Monday, today was not too shabby. If anything it was a really great day! And I think after experiencing one I have 3 ingredients to making a great day:
1) Get a completely new hairstyle/haircut over the weekend to freak your friends out later. If showing off that new do isn't the best part seeing your friends reaction will be. (I got my hair cut really short over the weekend. Being the end of the year and all and not anyone's expectations people were shocked. Yea they thought it was cute but they were sooooo funny. One of my friends who will remain nameless.hehehe, literally stopped in her tracks. I couln't help but smile.)
2) Wear a brightly colored sundress. Show off your femininity, (modestly though) being the end of the school year you can push aside any doubt of that dress you were dying to wear!
3) Carry a happy tune in your head to stay in a good mood. Make sure you pick a song you won't regret getting put into your head. I suggest "Umbrella" by Rihanna, "New Shoes" Paolo Nutini, or "I'll look after you" by The Fray.
Well there you have it...a recipe for a great day souffle! Don't take the delightful servings sparingly take it all in. Enjoy!

These are photos taken in two different fashion spreads. I have discovered a model named Lara Stone. And I have to say I really love how she poses. Just like a writer who hits their point on paper, Lara hits her expression on camera. In the first 4 photos, you witness 70s fashion, love the chunky ring in that last pic.And in the very very last pic (where she's holding pearls) Lara supports the expression "If looks could kill..."

If it isn't Emmy Rossum's hair or the sweet smile she gives you definitely gotta love the actress for her style. Not only that but notice that whatever she wears Emmy has fun and go with it. She totally works the dress. I think that kind of parallels to every designer's dream, not just to see a beautiful starlet/star wearing their piece, but flaunting it! I think out of all 5 looks I love the first. Emmy is having the most fun in that one and the versatility is amazing, the dress is gorgeous from the trim to the lace!


LADY said...

You have such a pretty blog! Totally agree about the new haircut - when I went from dark brunette to blonde I didn't tell a soul until it was done. LOVED the look on everyone's face when they saw it.

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

very unique. :) the lara photoshoot was beautiful!!

Tru said...

emmy is wonderful and always looks lovely...on another note great days are amazing, they make it so all the bad ones aren't so bad

Anonymous said...

I usually have a little song in my head, and my son gets annoyed when I sing outloud. I used to like drastic changes with my hair but have since changed my ways...old and boring I spose

jungle dream pagoda said...

Thats really cool that you gave a nod to Emmy! I love her style and am always hearing how she is a "what not to werar" from those who "should" know,but WHAT is not to like about it?

Emma said...

Adorable list, post and pictures.

dianabobar said...

I can't wait to see your hair and I do agree on the "feel good" recipe!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Consider yourself TAGGED!!! We're gonna add you to our "taggs" list on the post!



coco said...

i love the pics
emmy looks so pretty
and i adore your header

Jennifer said...

emily has great style, she's so adorable. Love all the pictures you picked out and the umbrella is so awesome in that first picture I wish they still made them that way.

Anonymous said...

and your blog :]

I'm doing the same thing this tuesday! Chopping off all my hair just like last year (I do it randomly once a year for the past.... year? haha)

Jennifer said...


See my website for details


Alexandria said...

Emmy Rossum's style is so lovely and she always looks so wonderful. Great photos!

Martin said...

I really appreciate this blog.

Wow what a heels shoes she is wearing.

I just ordered
"heels shoes"
from, which is pretty similar to the heels in those pictures.
Waiting for its arrival.

Anonymous said...