Monday, May 28, 2007


Models...they're the ones exposed to fashion the most. Many of them have great personal style and are quite composed. There are some however may not be as composed and take that fine line of risk in make-up or style. In the first pic Agyness Deyn is feautured-she's in stripes a lether hoodie jacket, frayed shorts, and lace leggings/tights so to speak. I think the shorts and lace tights are quite a risk, its in between cutting edge and almost goes into the norm usual outfit. Second is Iekeliene Stange who has her very own style. You can tell she likes to mix it up a bit. I like her look because it reminds me of the whole harajuku style. But question those glasses...WOULD YOU CONSIDER THESE ANOTHER VERSION OF HOW TO FLAUNT GLASSES?IS THIS A WEARABLE TREND? I think as a model she can pull it off, I doubt however if I could. And I can't imagine a normal person walking down the street in that outfit. So like I said models are the risk takers, its definitely something to admire, seeing as how some of us who aren't models, are afraid to take that risk. Lastly, there's Kate Moss, I'm not saying this is her usual makeup style, obviously it was done for her for the photo. But I chose this because I think it can be a bit controversial...the makeup is way dramatic and it would very much catch my eye if I saw this makeup on someone at school. Yet, you have to notice that if any more shadow was added to those eyes, she would have raccoon eyes...which would be not so fashionably dramatic just too DRAMATIC. So, my point is that if models can do this whether its their job or their own style, why can't we? We have nothing to lose by experimenting. Sure we may not always pull it off, but somebody's got to try it out.


dianabobar said...

Yey! Go Girl!
You are so right about the last part with us experimenting! I'm all for that!
The bad thing is, you know when you take a risk and get laughed at you do start feeling body conscious and then it gets only worse from then on! However, models don't care about that , they are bones I guess we normal people have to have a LOT more confidence than models need for pulling off a risky outfit.

Emma said...

That is a pretty lovely photo of Kate Moss.

pinup_girl said...

Loved your post! Kind of funny too, I just typed up a post about a similiar topic. Fashionable minds think alike! Haha. :]

pinup_girl said...

P.S You wanted to know how to get a picture up as your headline? Easy. Go to your dashboard, click layout, you'll see a page that says page elements, click edit header and upload the photo you want. Boom! Done :]

Diana Coronado said...

Luv the red dress

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