Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This post's title sounds like a story but I assure you it is not boring read. These 3 looks represent what will be key this coming Fall. We have the jumper which is by Jenni Kayne, a vest (designer not sure, but you should know that menswear is influential to Fall style), and Marc by Marc Jacobs look.I love the layers, leggings, knit sweater, the thick socks, and lace-up boots. I give the look an A+ because it looks effortless but very fashion forward. (Not that I have a license to judge a look, but hey this is a BLOG, right?)

I adore the aroma of the Vera Wang Princess Perfume.But what gets me really excited about buying this is that you can use the cap as a ring.SWEEEEET!

Makeup, perfume of the month, and 3 key pieces for Fall 2007. These girlfriend are what you call THE WORKS!!A lot of makeup I've been seeing involves the read paut, the smokey eye, and wing-tipped color liner. For the red paut I recommend Neutrogena Moistureshine, the version of course. And just so you know the red paut looks better for those with fair/light skin. And Neutrogena moistureshine has lipstick, lipgloss, and lipbalm. Say goodbye to chapped lips ladies. Now you get the total package. I have this and it lasts pretty well and tingles once you apply it. Its my new love in makeup. As for the smoky eye, a black eyeshadow is good (Revlon:bedroom eyes). But beware how much you apply...you don't want to look like a raccoon. Make sure you put just enough shadow on the bottom of your eye but no more than the top.As, for wing-tipped liner, you should really use a bright/dark color depending on your eyes. For brown-eyed chickies use purple or blue, for you people with blue or green eyes, use a brighter color like pink/light blue. Oh and I musn't forget the metallic eye...gold/silver whatever works best on you.


Tru said...

vera wang's perfume is lovely...my best friend wears it

pinup_girl said...

You have no idea how ECSTATIC I was to get a comment! :] Thanks for reading my blog and I hope we can keep in touch, I always love chatting with another "fashionista". By the way, I subscribed to your blog, it's an excellent read :]

coco said...

i am in love with the princess adverts
i dont know what it is because the idea on paper sounds terrible but it really works

Emma said...

Fabby post.

Anonymous said...

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