Friday, August 10, 2007

A Series of Awesome Places and Events

Well, what comes with a new header comes another blog name. This blog will be known as THE WEEKLY BLOGETTE now. I have changed the blog name but it has remained So starting tomorrow, which will be Saturday the site will become: I'm throwing out the old and embracing the new!

This picture is a Prada ad courtesy of:
Now here's the brand new post:

Chinatown in Los Angeles is a must-see in CA. The shopping is great; my purchases there were Hello Kitty slippers, chinese slip-on shoes, a silk-like shirt, and a messenger bag. All my purchases were inexpensive and extremely stylish. The food is delicious there also-2 people can eat there for like $9. I would suggest the restaurant's name but I don't remember since I have not been to Chinatown for a while. I kind of miss it though. Anyway, the restaurant I went to was near the entrance of Chinatown and across the street from a sea food place. Also, these pics range from first 1940s, second 1975, and third present-time. I love the first because its a post card from the 1940s and it looks fantastic!
Pictures found thru:Google and

I haerd about this event thru a friend. She said that a buch of people basically gather together and start making things like jewelery, clothes, you name it! I went online to investigate and I found some very talented people. First is September McGee, she is a painter and she did the second and third pic down. I just think that her use of color is brilliant and gives her pics that much vibrance. Second, is Emily Howell who makes jewelery-that is one of her creations in the pic above. Lastly, is David Linnig who is a photographer. Now, I didn't get any pics because I think you should see them for yourself. You can find his site and the sites of other talented artists by doing the following:
2) Go to the left hand side and click "Artists-Summer"
3) Explore!

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is having an Open House. At this event you can explore careers in fashion, business, graphic design, etc. So if you have the time, try to reserve a place for yourself at The campuses are located in L.A., San Francisco, Orange County, and San Diego.

This the one and only, the first, the original Johnny Rockets! It's located along Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. I went there Wednesday Night for the first time. Actually it was my first time at any Johnny Rockets! Well, to get to the int I loved it! I think that JR might even have better shakes than "IN and OUT ". SHOCKER!I know. The place is surrounded with 50s pictures, mini jukeboxes, and people in those white paper hats!JR is definitely a place you can't miss!

Pictures found thru: Google

I gave you readers a list of awesome places but get ready for this rehab. Now for some it may sound scary. You definitely wouldn't want to go there but if you were a fashion criminal you would definitely have to. Yes, it is imaginary but if it existed it would be a little something like this:
First of all, time spent at rehab would depend on how many fashion rules are broken. And although some are unwritten they should be present somewhere in your mind!(Ex:no one wears platform shoes anymore, and no one ever should have.) The counsleors would be Stacy and Clinton from "What not to wear". Let's face it they know their fashion! The rehabilitation would be furnished by Ikea. Now the schedule at the rehabilitation would go as follows: *Note that the there will be one rehab for guys and another for gals.
(Monday-Friday) 8-8:30 Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Fashion Therapy: one-on-one session with Tim Gunn and each rehabee. The focus of this session is reviewing past fashion choices and recognizing mistakes.

12:00-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Freetime

1:00-2:00 Exercise (gotta stay fit ladies and gents!)

2:00-3:00 Counseling. Discussion is based on denial and fashion solutions for the future. These discussions are with Stacy and Clinton and all the rehabees.

3:00-5:00 Daily dose of fashion medicine, which includes American Vogue, Teen Vogue, and ELLE. Most imprtantly the reading would include a book entitled Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style.

5:00-7:30 Open to visitors/freetime.

8:00-10:00 Fashion movie.

11:00 Lights out!!

Pictures found thru: Google,, and from W magazine.

Well after all the fabulous places and events I have to end the note on fashion. Short hair is currently in right now, and there are plenty of people rockin' it. Although, I think Natalie Portman needs to be mentioned. Her hair has grown since, I know, but she looked great! No matter what Natalie looked confident and happy. Her hair may have been edgy a bit, but she remained glamorous in her clothes. She's an example of someone who knows how to work the hair, and she is so stylish I mean come on!


Belle said...

China town looks so colourful!!! LMAO fashion rehab! very funny!!!
anyway thanks for the link help, it worked! :D

Tru said...

well I guess I'll be changing my links section then

Amy said...

i love chinatown!

miss fashion said...

mm. dont you just love chinese deals and steals.
omg! i love fashion rehab! that is totally what it would be like.

-S said...

i love the new name! blogette sounds so.... fresh? i guess that's the word i'm looking for. and the new header is great!

sara said...

I want to go to China town so badly, if I ever go to CA I will deg visit there. I really like the word thing on your header.

x sara o

will change your link tomorrow.

Romeika said...

Oh, i'd love to visit these awesome places. If i ever go to the States, i can't miss LA, so many nice places to see there... Chinatown looks wonderful!

About the short hair thing, i love it, but unfortunately it doesn't suit my facial shape. I wear it short/medium though, i can't manage to keep a long hair. Natalie Portman looks adorable.

Gonna edit your blog link on my list, then...


satin pump said...

natalie portman is one of my favorite actress , she has a lot of talents!!


Jennifer said...

What not to wear is the best!! Love this post what a fabulous read!

jadorevogue said...

Loved the post, especially the fashion rehab ;) I'll change your link...

Carolina Lange said...

Love your new header!
Natalie Portman is so cute!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Dahling,LOVE the new name! Love ,love, love the post! Ofcourse you had me at the Pagoda pics! Its been awhile since I was in the original Johnny Rockets ,do they still have a wall of vintage lunch boxes? Ofcourse what I saw was a wall of kitsch evening bags!
I would go to your fashion rehab just to bask in the posh glow that is Tim Gunn! Although ,I'm afraid I would have to go AWOL with those icky style obliterators know as Clinton and Stacy,thus making me a true fashion rehab rebel!

Truly adorable post!

penelope said...

johnny rockets sound so cool!! haha i love the chinatown right in singapore..not for the clothes and all but more for the culture i guess. haha fab post!! fabber header!!=p

anyhow thanks for the comment(: think it's the color tt catches yr eye!!


Moose on the Loose said...

Your fashion rehab rocks! And I adored Natalie Portman's haircut-she looked so so good.

Asian Models Blogger said...

You should check out the new Prada ads. They are awesome.

Thanks for visiting Asian Models Blog.

Aretha said...

Hey! I really love your blog is so funny and cool... I will put you on my list :)

Eritia said...

Of course i have time to visit your blog!

I love Natalie Portman, she's so gorgeous, I love her short hair.

Do you live in LA?

Kaye said...

I love the new blog name- has quite a ring to it! And the idea of fashion rehab is darling. I think Britney Spears would make a suitable first celebrity patient...

Natalie Portman is stunning, the mention is great! She's not on the fashion radar per se because shes not out and about like all the others but she is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

I love Natalie especially with short hair. She has pixie features like Audrey Hepburn and the crop adds to her beauty.
Johnny Rocket's sounds like lots of fun and it's making me hungry too!

Anonymous said...

i wish we had those type of festivals here...

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the new header and name and that chinatown sounds so fun!

sebastian perinotti said...

cool blog!
love fashion as well:)

Anonymous said...

haha the fashion rehab was hilarious!

nat did look awesome with shorthair, but i know i could never pull it off. i have a round face kinda like kirsten dunst- and we all remember her awful pixie haha

did you know in ireland they have a knockoff of johnny rockets? called eddie rockets! hehe

btw, the blog is awesome, do you want to trade links!

Diana Coronado said...


I love Johny Rockets, i went a few months a go in Atlanta.

I love it!!

WendyB said...

Natalie looked great with that short hair.

In Yr Fshn said...

Stacy and Clinton are the best! I would love a fashion rehab school with those teachers! (And to not be on TV in such a mortifying fashion as their show!)

.m. said...

I like the new name! & Clinton and Stacy rock my socks!

Naara Rodríguez said...

Ey ! How are you ?
I love your site too.
And I love Natalie Portman Too XD.

P:D: Viste my blog always that you want ok?

Katie Rosemary said...

chinatown looks amazing!
and I love Natalie Portman... she always looks beautiful, I especially like her dress in the second pic.

coco said...

i love your header and natalie portman is so pretty it makes me hate her a little
but then i still have to love her

Fabi said...

I looove your header!!!
Chinatown sounds like fun, I'd definitely do some shopping there ;) and Im in love with the paint9ing of the boy and the girl at the beach. great post!!

mismilcosas said...

Cool blog, my friend!! I think i will add ur link to my blog this week!

Thanks for visiting me!!

Kiss from Spain!

Aisha said...

Is there a fashion rehab center? That's kind of funny (:

Natalie looks fab in that dress! =)

China town sounds to be pretty fun =). We have something like a "chinatown" here too, they sell cheap (and mostly nice) stuff and food =), i loooooooooove chinese food

pinup_girl said...

This blog is fabulous! And I'd love to check a few girls I know into fashion rehab. :[

Regina and Renee said...

Thanks for the comment! i love your blog!!


glamour girly said...

Your new blog name has cuteness all over it, and I love the new header.

I also love What Not to Wear, much like Jennifer. I just wish it wasn't on Friday nights here in the states because it is so hard for me to catch it!

Want Natalie Portman's first lacy dress!


Anonymous said...

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