Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Confessions of a Blogette

I'm making up for a long overdue post. I am doing this because first of all I have the time...so why not? Second I'm making this post to keep my mind off a few things. Anyway this post is slightly more personal, because rather than just voicing my opinions, I'm talking about...me! Now you readers can know me better...flaws and all!

  • in typical californian fashion i want perfect weather
  • my comfort food is cereal
  • huge procrastinator, (but slowly improving)
  • I'm pretty good at reading a great book like halfway through, im a lazy reader. in other words it takes me a while to actually pick up the book, but once i do im hooked!
  • I'm self-conscious
  • I'm sensitive-I take things to the CORE! In other words I'll take certain things very seriously.
  • My emotions are always written all over my face
BUT I do know that I...
  • possess artistic talent
  • do my best to include others
  • know how to be polite and courteous
  • am ambitious
  • intelligent
  • have the laugh of an "aristocratic lady", so I've been told. Supposedly, it's "classy".
  • caring (family and friends mean the WORLD to me!)

As always I have to throw in some fashion in my posts. And this is probably the first time I haveput up what I will call:"POST LEFTOVERS". So you know how sometimes when you eat leftovers the food happens to be just as good or even BETTER than it was the night before? Well, this is the same concept.In the last post, I discussed the new looks from Fall '08, here are the POST LEFTOVERS.....

The New Classy or Sweet Chic

The New Hipster
Well that is all from the post leftovers, but I hope you enjoy the next pics. (The pic above is a shoe that I find very interesting, it's pull off a "natural look").
The thing I am most intrigued by now is the HAIR BOB. Which is what Victoria Beckham happens to be known for.
These last two pics of hair are just very fashionesque, I love how they are styled!
These last pics are part of a photoshoot from the latest issue of ELLE magazine, the mecca for all things high fashion! If you haven't already guessed I'm in LOVE with this magazine. These pics to me, represent the darkside of fashion, had I more courage I'd probably join the darkside.


Letitia said...

well now we are best friends i know you so well lol..and u are quite stylish yourself maddam ")

creamsicle said...

I agree with that, i was thinkin in how weareable was those viktor&rolf's outfits, but youre right, fashion has a humor side too. I used to love all V&R collections.
About this post, im loving it! my comfort food is cereal too! lol.
u can noticed English is *not* my native language, but im still learning,,
I'll Add u to my links now!

bbbruno said...

i dont have long time in this moment other day i writing more in your blog!

On Track said...

My comfort food (well maybe food addiction) is cereal as well! Im so glad im not alone :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

I wish I had the laugh of an "aristocratic lady" too :)
It's great to be caring (family and friends mean the world to me too. Specially family).
I loooove food leftovers :) I really do, to me it always tastes better :)
I also like Elle Mag but to be honest I prefer Vogue.
Please keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

thanks! i always like to get to know people better. its also cool that you admitted your flaws first, and trust you're not alone! i wear my heart on my sleeve too ugg

speaking of leftovers, chocolate mousse is 400x better day 2! you're right haha

In Yr Fshn said...

Those Elle pics are fantastic.

Romany said...

For a minute I thought you were implying that the "new Classy or Sweet Chic" girl was you. I was then about to tell you that you could totally be a model. Lol.
I love that you've acknowledged all the positive aspects of your personality - people definitely don't do enough of this these days.
Is "The New Hipster" from Badgley Mischka? My god, I just loved that show so much, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

coco said...

You have actually made me so hungry for some really good cereal now!
And I am in love with those yellow peep toe ankle boots!

Aisha said...

I love cereal too, as it's almost dinner time, i'll have some of it.

Those two last pictures from Elle magazine are great, indeed.

LML said...

hehe artisocratic laugh! that IS too funny!
obsessed with the jenni kayne collection :)

Sebastian Perinotti said...

yesss! it's a concert by the french band Phoenix when they came here last november i think.
thanks for cheking out my blog!
I luv ur fashion reports!

alexgirl said...

I love that you have an "aristocratic laugh". I'll think of that from now on when visiting your blog!
Oh, and I love cereal and reading books 1/2 way through, too! haha

Molly :] said...

We are like twins!
I too wish for good weather [although im never going to get it- its snowing here in england]
i take AGES to get into a book.
im extremly sensitive

and i think [?!] i posess creative talent. :)


hannah said...

its nice to learn more about you! now im sitting here wondering what the laugh of an aristocratic lady sounds like...

alluretone said...

lovely elle photos and that shoe is quite something!

Carolina Lange said...

It's good to learn something about you!
I also love Elle Mag, and those photos are really nice!

Secretista said...

Your comfort food is less fattening than my comfort food; chocolate does a body good ;D.

Fred The Mole said...

Hi from Paris Bloguette !
Tankx for the comment on Easy Fashion Paris
Ilike your your blog and your pictures cool !!

Fred the Mole

LBIC said...

The ankle boots are super cute, but I can't get into wearing them with skirts or shorts yet. I'm a traditionalist and would only wear them with pants, which would really defeat its purpose.

Kira Fashion said...


nice you say some personal things about you, you are really sweet :)

a kiss and a hug for you,
thanks a lot for passing at mine...

from kira

ChiliLady said...

interesting confessions...can you give a lesson how to laugh with class?

Anonymous said...

hehe i wish i had a nice classy laugh,...
i really like those blue boots though. they;re really intricate

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

My emotions are always written all over my face I'm the same way people can usually tell how I feel pretty quicky I don't hide things well. Love the girl in the first picture the outfit is stunning!

Tru said...

love the first picture you posted. that outfit is awesome and some intresting facts about you too

Robine said...


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aficionada said...

GREAT blog!
I totally linked you [:

aficionada said...

I totally relate!
I've very sensitive as well, and take things to heart.

Anonymous said...

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