Saturday, February 21, 2009

BE red

Confessions of a Shopaholic went beyond my expectations it is well worth seeing. I laughed almost the whole way through!
I think bold colors are in right now especially red and orange!
I adore this picture for THE NEW YORK TIMES
struttin' her stuff

is one word:


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

ITA with the bold colors. And I'm glad the movie was good - I heard a few bad reviews early on, but it looks really cute.

The Redheaded Bandit said...

i want to see confessions of a shopahlc really bad!!


Reeally nice blog!!

KiKi said...

I'm going to go see it next weekend we went to see Medea goes to Jail instead this weekend but I loved the book and I hope it lives up to my expectations

Mimi said...

I saw it the first day it came out with my bestie, it was so funny! I loved all of the clothes it was like a surreal stylish dream!

Thanks for your sweet comment! I really like your blog :]


Jen said...

Really want to see that movie. I'm glad you said it was good, I've heard some iffy reviews about it.

Oh and re The Olsens - you summed up how I see them perfectly! :) x

La Couturier said...

I still need to see that movie!

La C.

LML said...

i just saw it today - it was really cute :)

Kira Fashion said...

I really wanna see it!!!
It seems to be so amazing!!!

a kiss and a hug friend!

Tru said...

im going to have to check it out then

i wanted to see it but a lot of ppl who did didn't like it i guess i will just have to go and judge for myself

Dana said...

You're in my blogroll now :)

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