Friday, April 20, 2007

Alice in fashionwonderland!

I found this recently...its a different take on Alice in Wonderland (like Gwen Stefani in "What you waiting for" music video) . This fashionable story layout was in Vogue magazine of December 2003 and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. Who might I say is extraordinary! She did that amzing photo of Tom and Katie where baby Suri was in Tom's jacket. (Featured on the cover of Vanity Fair). Anyway, I really like this layout and hope you enjoy. By the way, you'll spot some prominent people of the fashion world-Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, well see for YOURSELF!
FYI: What I like about Alice in Wonderland in general, is that its one of those stories that's way out there. The imagination is incredible and I think Natalia Vodinova pulls off the emotion of going to a world beyond her own. My fav pic is the one where she looks like a gaint in this tiny tiny house. Oh! And if you want to read the article on this you can got to:


dianabobar said...

amazing fashion photography!
in fact, in almost every pic there is a designer, I spotted Donatella Versage, Galliano, Gaultier Viktor&Rolf besides the ones that you mentioned, but some of them I couldn't recognize.
Natalia looks girlie nd to think that she has 2 kids...

Anonymous said...