Thursday, April 12, 2007

Get Your Beauty Sleep

These are a few of my favorite ads by Prada. I love how there are metallic tones involved and the shoes are absolutely to die for! They look great with the grey tights. Which I think is a major trend (tights in general). But looking at these makes me think about sleep...and then I wondered how important is it..really?! I did a little research and found that not every person has to sleep a certain amount hours (it differs for everyone). Sometimes I can get 6 hours of sleep and feel great compared to ten where I end up still being tired. And I've found out that not getting enough sleep continually, creates a bigger chance in someone using alcohol. If you do get enough sleep though, the hours you spend sleeping will contribute to better skin and weight loss!


Fashionista said...

For some time...I found Prada very dissapointing...this ad is great though! Gemma Ward really works out for them!

Anonymous said...

Hrmm..I think you definitely have have chosen lovely photos for good illustration. I would say that the overall blog might look more cohesive if you stuck to 1 font. Also light blue sometimes is difficult to read on certain monitors.

There's actually 3 H&M stores in San Francisco. The H&M site has store listings if you're interested in visiting them.

Emma said...

fab blog

Anonymous said...