Friday, July 20, 2007

Runway to Realway and Bags

These are just some ever so lovely images for Fall 'O7. Courtesy of ELLEgirl.
Let's go from Runway to Realway. Thick scarves are awesome accessories to have for Fall and Winter. The colors may not be bright but present sophistication. Look below to this look done the Realway with the same use of color-quite inspirational.

The couple that I believe represents Fall/Winter 2007 is Victoria and David Beckham! Leather bags are a must-have this season, especially oversized ones! Ms.Victoria trend-wearer?Yes! And her husband's knit sweater fits that essential category!Knits are fab! I don't believe I really wear any but I love looking at them. OH, and this camera pic is similar to a camera I want to get at Target. And yes it is pink!

These are my top 5 from the Academy Awards. The last pic is by far my fav! Gwen Stefani has the most well-put together look from many gals I have seen (actresses, celebs and whatnot). From her videos to award shows she really pulls it off. What I love is how versatile she is.....Gwen can be "natural"/sophisticated/modern. I also adore Gwyneth Paltrow dress by Zac Posen.. it kicks up the volume at this award show for sure!

Okay so am I the only gal blown away by the brilliance in the CHLOE ads? I mean they're great. Its all about the BAG! As it should be. The first ad was taken form way back when, and the second is still more current. I'm just as wowed from the before and now ads. The last bag isn't Chloe, but I saw it at Anchor Blue thought it was cute. I ended up getting a bag that is white with black intricate flower print, with a couple of buttons and circular cut shiny shells, plus that cute tooth accessory that tends to be popular on and off again.


muze1990 said...

Love the pics from fall 2007! that shawl is just nice :)

sara said...

I love love love the chloe bags.

x sara o

Mash said...

isn't the last bag a tokidoki ? i love it so much <3

Jennifer said...

I'm in love with the first two dresses I want them so badly.
that pink sony camera is so cute
and chloe i mean...they have everything down pat!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love Gwen Stefani and i love Anne Hathaways dress

Romeika said...

Oh, i want that thick gray scarf, how beautiful!

I also loved Gwyneth at the Oscars, and Eva Green, she always manages to look so beautiful, sensual and glamorous, she's a real femme fatale, i love her beauty and style.

Gloria said...

love the camera, glittery dresses, and stella mccartney thick scarves!

Emily ♥ said...

Every dress here is gorgeous!
Aww, and the little pink camera, I can't! (haha)
I loove Chloe accesories.

alluretone said...

i loveeee that scarf. i love your top 5 academy picks also, they're all gorgeous. i'm also going to have to pick up that Sew U book, it looks really handy. btw, your muse or the "nameless girl" from the post below is Julia Dunstall, i agree she is absolutely stunning!

Kaye said...

i LOVE that first Chloe ad you posted!! I'm a big sucker for that sort of set up- the lighting and slight over exposure of it all!!

Ooh- you were asking bout that audrey hepburn pic right?? It's from Funny Face, and if you havent watched it yet, I highly recommend!! One of the few good movies about fashion out there...

Tru said...

this girl I know has that camera and its fab. her best friend has it in blue lol

dianabobar said...

Oh Chloe! Love Chloe! Who doesn't? :)

Kat said...

I agree those Chloe ads are gorgeous as are the bags! Gwen Stefani looks sensational in that pic. That first dress at the beginning of the post is so beautiful and graceful, who designed it? Oh and those thick scarfs are yum!

AVA said...

I love the second runway outfit! though too much glitter for real-life I think. Gwyneth's dress is gorgeous! I really like people that post celebs on the red carpet cause I never look for them on the internet though they're quite inspiring sometimes!

LADY said...

LOVE those first dresses! Gorgeous!

The Stiletto Effect said...

i love the look in the 2nd photo :)
those chloe bags are hot

satin pump said...

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Ondo Lady said...

The oversized bag is a fantastic concept so we ladies with busy lives can throw all our stuff in there.

Anonymous said...

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