Friday, July 13, 2007

The Total Package

Friday it is! I will now have my blog make new posts every Friday. Thanks for all of you who helped me decide. I mixed in just about everything and anything. Fashion, literature, make-up, a random section,the works! Here's your kickstarter for the weekend and for a week.Enjoy! of my greatest loves.BOOKS.

SEW U is a book which has been acknowledged by ELLE and something I most definitely need to learn sewing. It provides patterns and from what I have read online appears quite helpful. This is going on my soon-to-buy booklist for sure!

A Long Way Gone by Ishamel Beah is based on true events, I am currently reading it and am deeply touched. It has made me aware of what has happened...things I never knew. This book is real and grips you by the heart-strings. It has made me appreciate more the environment I live in and my life itself.

Sometimes it can be hard to sport the natural look when you have acne, but it is possible. Use the Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System and you will see major improvement. I use it and I know someone else uses this, it works great. I prefer it rather than Proactiv b/c its better in many ways. Its a less time consuming routine (not as many steps) and it doesn't leave you looking shiny. The second pic down is a brow kit that you can find on Take care of them brows girl, definition is very important! The third down is my must-have and its by COVERGIRL. Looking at the add for "fruit spritzers" lip-gloss didn't look so great, but I saw the commercial and it looked so good on Rihanna! So now I'm just dying to buy it-plus I'm running out of lipgloss which cannot happen. I also think that with a natural look this lip-gloss can give just the right touch. The fourth down is bronzer by Revlon, which will give you that natural look. It not heavy and will definitely add emphasis to your face. Okay so maybe you won't want to be natural all the time and will want an edgy look..use Bedroom Eyes by Revlon. This powder line is great, I use it and have been commented on how it looks. And this can work for day or night.

Marc Jacobs has Scarlett Johansson, why shouldn't I have a muse? This is mine. She happens to be nameless (word for describing me not knowing her name). To me she is the face of Fall '07, fair-skinned and natural. Her blue eyes simply pop out, don't they? I think she demonstrates how girls can be naturally pretty. You don't always need a bunch up make-up. Draw the line when you stop wearing the make-up and it begins to wear you! This image is from

RANDOM SECTION!!!Images I selected courtesy of Funny how each look differs so much from the other! I surprise myself. Here's a little something I created somewhat a story but more like created personalities. What is true is that the the two girls on the lft are in fact models; and the 3rd girl IS from L.A. and the one to the right is from New York. Ohter than that the rest is pretty much my doing...well here it goes!
I know in "Charlie's Angels" there were 3 girls, but these are Fashion's Angels let's make it 4 girls. Starting from the left is a model, who is sporting a very trendy double breasted coat. The slimmish boots and leather bag fit her. I would imagine this girl being mysterious and always on the go-but that's any Angel. So, we'll says she's sophisticated but has an edge that not everyone can figure out. The second girl is also a model (Iekeleine Stange), who is wearing a light sheer pruple dress, a dark coat, and metallic shoes. Its rather ballerina-esque. I'd imagine her being graceful and kind. And although her glasses symbolize intellect, it doesn't mean that she can't focus on being stylish. The third girl is from L.A., and she makes me think of the Angel who is the life of the party! She oozes cool but in a very laid back kind of way. And the last girl to the furthest right is somewhat the opposite. Yes she's cool, but it takes a while for people to figure out (she's from New York). She dresses for comfort but wears this skinny pant very well! She make look a little tough but in reality has an overall demure attitude (with the ability to conquer anything!)

The designers shown here are Bottega Veneta (BV), J. Mendel (JM), and Carolina Herrera (CH). The first dress is from BV, and I really love how the design and shape is different from what's out there. The material is also great-only critique is that not many girls could where it unless they were skinny. That's because from the waist down the shape of the dress turns into either flattering or not flattering at all. But I have to say I love it! The next two dresses are JM. Very evening.I like the shorter dress most, b/c looking at it it's the perfect little black dress with a twist. A piece I'd want to add to my wardrobe! The golden dresses are BV again, and the collection in all is great. I suggest watching it online. The music is very "Breakfast at Tiffany's" along with the mood of the clothes. And the shoes seem very "Roman Holiday". Basically there's an Audrey Hepburn movies vibe going on. You can go on and judge for yourself...could be just me. Anyway...the last dress is CH I just love how the dress flows!

These pics are from a Poiret exhibition. Who has been called The "King of Fashion". This fashion designer who did his work in Paris. He designed in the 1900s, and is praised I believe even today-look for info. in this month's Teen Vogue! You can also google "Poiret" and find pictures of his many exhibitions.


dianabobar said...

How amazing are those beads???? OMG!!! Poiret IS a great part of the fashion history.
Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I would be honored (I really, genuinely feel this way) if you would link me! I sure have you in my bookmarks and feedburner but I'll make sure that you'll be on "D'd fav blogs" too!
That model girl's eyes are to die for! I kinda wish had green eyes now...

penelope said...

of all d trends, d au natural look's d best for anyone!! therefore, was pretty riled whn someone commented tt i shd put on make up for skl! d nerve!!! loved yr blog, v diff frm all those tt i've read,

u go girl!!

hugs and kisses.

Jennifer said...

wow this is such a great post!
I love the last two outfits especially the beaded one it's exquisit!

Geisha said...

Great post! I adored the 3rd random girls look, and the natural makeup was great too :)

laura emily said...

Some great ideas here! And that beaded Poirot dress is GORGEOUS!
I love it!
Thanks also for your comment on my blog! :]

coco said...

great post
i may have to have a look at that patteren book although my fashion teachers make us make are own patterns which is long and boring

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

the nameless girl is so pretty
i really want to read that book

Juliet said...

Poiret is one of my all time favorite designers, he really did know how dress a woman and he also undersanded that corset wasn't the most comfortable 'accessories'.

Lama Drama said...

Poiret is a genius. I love the whole muse thing too, that girl is really naturally pretty!

Jessarin said...

my hubby wants to read a long way gone book. but he wasn't sure whether to get it. i'll tell him to get it now.. it sounds like a really good book!

another great post! -hugs- Xx

Kira Fashion said...


Your blog is so cool!

i love that miked between fashion and beauty and health!

You got the point!

a kiss

see you on friday :)

ah, added you as FF!

Tru said...


Frasypoo said...

That bead embroidery is to die for!!!
Your book picks look interesting,I will have to check them out

LADY said...

Great post my dear. Thanks for the book recommendations.

Flashy_Shades said...

those poiret pieces are to die for

Bella said...

Smoky eye is like my life I beleive...and that model is gorgeous...nice post btw ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm thinking of getting a sewing book I want to learn how to make my own garments.

Diana Coronado said...

Nice post!! And the selection of pics are great too!!

pinup_girl said...

I don't even know what to mention in my comment because I loved everything about this post!!!

princessj said...

I read a long way gone, it was AMAZING

check out my shopping blog :)

Anonymous said...

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