Monday, December 29, 2008


No, I'm not in hiding. I'm just not the best blogger. Sorry.
Anyways, I've found myself drawn to a rocker semi sweet look.

Crimped and in a bun
love the hair!

Don the aviator shades are you're INSTANT COOL

BUT if aviators don't fit you or your face shape, Ray-Bans can suffice just as well.

Taylor embodies being edgy from the hair cut to the dress to her accessories.

A more laid back look, plaid and black boots. Its casual, rocker, but effortless.

The two pictures above are much softer, not exactly rocker but more so "ECLECTIC"
Dark nails and 3/4 cut off sleeves

Chunky layers of jewelery, the "boyfriend" like blazer, leather leggings=ROCKER
A fedora is a definite contrast to a soft feminine dress-mixes things up a bit

Current Infatuation

Yeah, he's got "it", that extra something that just cannot be defined.
Kate & Leopold, The Prestige, and Australia are probably just a few of his greatest films. Hugh was a chivalrous gentleman in Kate and Leopold and it just made him all more the heartthrob. In The Prestige he was a magician crazed with getting revenge but with some crazy masculine appeal. And in what has become one of my favorite movies of all time, Australia, Hugh was "Drover" unable to be tamed, practically reckless, but oh-so dreamy.

MUSIC I AM LOVING THIS WEEK: "Boots and Boys"by Kesha
found on her myspace:


♥ fashion chalet said...

That was a seriously great comment and compliment to receive in my blog today! :D Why, thank you, so very much, darling.

I adore the photos you have posted up above. Seems we run on the same 'fashion wavelength,' if you will, as I adore all of those same things. Jenny Humphrey's charcoal eyes are always a fav as are her plaid concoctions! I also adore messy bedhead hair. :)


Kira Fashion said...

I love the rocker style!

a kiss girl :)
Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

me too! love it! though i need a pair of leather leggings/pants very soon!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm loving little J of GG. Her edgy new look is really working for me.
P.S. The pics from my last post were from Yulanda's blog. It was an interview. She posts outfit details on her blog too, so you can see where she shops there.

Molly said...

i always wear my hair in a bun so can i be a rocker? PLEASE!?
haha :)
i love taylor mormson(?) she was always my favourite in gossip girl and her personal style is pretty gorgeous too...
happy new year!
molly x

Molly said...

yes of course you can link me!
i'll add you into mine too :)
molly x

deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous images, thanks for sharing babe! And happy new year!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the crimped bun on jessica, it has a very unique look

ProbablyMabey said...

hahaha HUGH JACKMAN!!!

Anonymous said...

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Gorgeous images, thanks for sharing babe