Friday, December 5, 2008

IN LOVE ....

I am currently IN LOVE with the Diane Von Furstenberg campaign aka "DVF". The campaign is shot by Francois-Marie Banier. And the model is none other than Natalia Vodianova. Who seems to have a face that never ages even though she is well into her twenties and is mother!

For more on the campaign just check out the videos to the right

So I saw AUSTRALIA twice in theatres! Once with a friend and the second time with the bf. And they both liked it! I thought it was amazing, I was blown away by the scenery, costumes, story, etc. It has the perfect blend of romance and adventure. And on a side note I hear this movie is OSCAR-WORTHY!

Blake Lively is stunning in W Magazine, isn't she?

Well that wraps up this post! In other news, I am currently going to work on my trade school's fashion show. I need to have at least 2 dresses made, and I am all nerves! Well readers that's all for now, auvoir!


Anonymous said...

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deep_in_vogue said...

wow tha DVF campaign IS amazing!

Mimi said...

Every time I look through a magazine and I see this advert I can't help but stare! It's so breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing.

I havent seen Australia but a good friend of mine has a HUGE crush on Hugh Jackman she wants to see it.

Blake Lively is so beautiful, and I love that she doesnt have the typical skinny frame but she has a womens body [girls got great hips!]love her and Leighton!


Kira Fashion said...

you are so right, this campaign is so artistic and fantastic!

a kiss for you!

Juliet said...

Australia hasn't yet come to theathes here in Finland, but I can't miss it. Baz Luhrmann is one of my top favorite directors!

juliet xxx

Sebastian Perinotti said...

i am in love with the balenciaga gladiator sandals in the banner!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

lately i've been wanting to move back home to australia, seems to be a lot of hype surrounding aussies lately.
Love the dvf ads, they are so artistic.

shimu's holiday said...

can't wait for Australia to showing in theater here!
I love Baz luhmann. He's a genius (a funny one ,too)

and good luck for your fashion show!!
show us some pict, huh ?

Pan's Holiday

Anonymous said...

wow good luck on your show!!
i love DVF! the cmapaign is so colourful.
ooo i want to see australia so badly!!

and btw, thank you for remembering about me when i was gone!! <3

Anonymous said...